We're expecting Briard puppies in April / may 2017. Mink and Mai Tai are both pregnant, and Black and Tawny pups will arrive soon!

Sasi,an adult black male Briard, is looking for the right forever home. More info

Beautiful, impressive, large, shaggy, loving, smart, energetic, faithful, and protective - words that describe a Briard. Briards are truly "Hearts Wrapped in Fur", always near their people. From Briard puppies to Briard adults, they are great dogsĀ in the right home. Are you that right home?

Briards are herding dogs. It is their natural instinct to herd that helps form their personality and character. Briards are bred to know where they belong, and to be where they belong. Their job is to care for and protect their "flock", be it sheep, people, and even other dogs. The Briard version of caring can take many forms, some good, some challenging.

My name is Jeanne Lorang, and I am Lebec Briards. I have owned and loved this breed since 1981. Please enjoy this website, my Briards, my friends' Briards, and all things Briard. I can be reached by email, or at 661-618-8798.

Briard Puppies to Briard Champions

Lebec and l'Hermitage have two new Champions!

Fate, Ch. Lebec's Let It Be de l'Hermitage, easily finished his championship, shown in the Bred By class. This beautiful boy routinely received compliments both in and out of the show ring. He is half brother to our Hermes, and walking the two of them around a show is guaranteed to generate attention. We can't wait to see how this young boy develops!

Panache, Ch. Lebec's J' Ne Sais Quoi de l'Hermitage, finished her championship in Palm Springs, CA. Panache was shown in the bred by class by both Jeanne and Claude. She HATED to show, and it's a tribute to her beauty that she finished despite her attitude!

We are very proud of our Hermes!

"Bronze Grand Ch. Hermes de l'Hermitage a Lebec PT" had a pretty good 2016!This young boy is being shown occasionally with handler Martin Cabral, and is proving that looks and working ability can be combined in one beautiful package. He finished the year as #6 Briard in breed points, #10 in all-breed, in limited showing. Meanwhile, he continues to herd with daddy Steve.

Looking for a Briard puppy?

Yes, we sell Briard puppies and we brag about our Briards' accomplishments in the show ring and at performance events.

However, what we really want to do is help you learn about the Briard, especially if you are new to the breed.

We want to be sure any home lucky enough to own a Briard knows it is the right breed for them BEFORE a puppy arrives - wherever that puppy comes from.

Please take the time to browse the site, and learn if the Briard is right for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us -
by email (Lebec@Briard.com)
or by phone (661) 618-8798.

We also love to talk about Briards in general. So feel free to call us. It's always a pleasure to talk about our breed!

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Looking for a Briard Breeder?

If you are looking for a Briard puppy, you will probably be talking to several breeders. You should be! And if a breeder spends that time telling you about their dogs, about the Briard in general, asking questions to help you determine if a Briard is right for you, and if the puppies they have available are a good match for your home, CONGRATULATIONS!

You have found a breeder to continue to have a conversation with. There are many such Briard breeders in the U.S. The links page on this site is a good place to start your search, or broaden it. Of course, we'd love it if you started with us.

Be aware of breeders who try to discredit other breeders, instead of focusing on their own breeding programs.  Make your own open minded inquiries with as many breeders as you can,  and then make your decision regarding the right breeder with the right dog for you. 

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