Welcome to Lebec Briards

My name is Jeanne Lorang, and I and my Briards are Lebec Briards. After 30 years, I recently relocated from Lebec in Southern California to the Prescott Valley area of Arizona. Same climate as Lebec, much less traffic! Briards are my joy. I love to live with them, travel with them, show them, and share them. I'd say I love to train them, but too many people know training is not my strongest skill. Breeding and raising quality Briard puppies, that is a strength of mine!

I bought the first Briard I ever saw, in 1981. Poor leftover, skinny, abused, back yard bred, never socialized Amy was the beginning of my love affair with the breed. In fact, Amy is the reason this website exists today. Those who are considering getting a Briard need a place to learn, and a way to find reputable breeders. Amy and her poor start in life are always in the back of my mind as I work on this site.

Show More...I have never regretted filling my life with these beautiful companions. My Briards are house dogs, next to my desk, on the couch, and sharing my bed at night (I get the pillow). Did you know 5 Briards can fit in a bathroom? 6 overflow out the door. The population in my house varies. I have been up to nine Briards at one time, but four or five is a more comfortable level, allowing for showing, and fun activities for both me and my Briards....Show Less

My Breeding

Black and Grey are the colors I prefer in Briards. That powerful, elegant, imposing look of a black or grey always catches my eye. I have the occasional tawny, and love them dearly, but blacks will always be my preference.

My goal in breeding is to produce puppies that are true to the breed standard, puppies that will enrich the lives of the people they live with. My emphasis is on temperament, type, movement, and coat.

As a breeder, I believe it is important to preserve the characteristics that make the Briard unique. I believe that form and function are forever linked, and if you breed a dog that would be unable to herd, you have not bred a Briard.

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American vs European

I always remember that the Briard originated in France. I want to produce dogs that could go back to Europe, and compete there. To do that, I believe in using the best of both the American and European lines that are available. I have been to Europe twice just to attend the French Elevage, their national Specialty. I have attended over a dozen US National Specialties. Both sides of the Atlantic have quality dogs.

I have fallen in love with the temperament and quality of Briards from the Czech Republic, and with the help of a friend from there, have added several Czech dogs to my household and breeding plans.

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