Sasi - Ch. Odysseas Nadina-Sas

Due to family issues (my 94 year old mother broke her hip and passed away 5 months later), my attention has been diverted from placing Sasi. Now I need to focus on getting that done! I promise to followup on any contacts.

One addition - Sasi cannot be shipped easily,since he weighs around 100 pounds. I'm looking for a home within a days drive of Southern California, or someone who will meet me within that area.

I'll start off by saying I adore Sasi. Just about everyone who meets Sasi adores him. He has been a much loved part of my home for 5 years, coming and staying when he was 2. He is gorgeous, adores people, has a great easy care coat, etc.

So why place him?

1) He simply will no longer tolerate any other males in his house. This is a problem, because I have his son Fate, his son Hermes comes routinely for showing, other co-owned males show up on a regular basis, and if I take back a male to rehome, Sasi adds greatly to the stress for that dog. I end up having to alternate Sasi and other males in another room, and that is not fair to either dog! My dogs are used to living with me 24/7.

2) I live alone. Sasi's greatest joy is when I have visitors, and he gets to meet new people. He has been known to escape my yard when I am gone for extended periods, just to go to the neighbors and be around people. In a household with more than one person, preferably one with an active social life, he would celebrate every day!


Sasi is a black male, born 3-4-2010, weighing around 100 pounds. He is what is known as a "crop and flop", having been cropped but his ears failed to stand. That didn't stop him from easily earning his championship, as his head is magnificent. His coat quality is excellent. He is currently cut down, but regrows coat very quickly. Sasi is an import from the Czech Republic. He had gastropexy (stomach tacking) surgery at two years of age, following a bloat episode. He is healthy and active, and at a good weight. He loves to go on walks!

Sasi's good points:

-Did I mention he adores people? Briards are supposed to be "reserved with strangers". Sasi will be reserved as soon as he meets a stranger, which evidently hasn't happened yet. He just has new friends he is waiting to meet. He is extremely affectionate with his people that he knows, a very devoted companion.

-He gets along very well with female dogs, with one caveat: he is over enthusiastic when he first meets a new girl, and needs to be given a little time to settle down, and realize not every new girl is in heat waiting to be bred. They just think he is pushy for a day or so.

-Sasi is not a barker, although he will whine when he is shut away into a room away from people, just to remind you he is there.

-He is housebroken, being a house dog for all his years at my home. He has had access to a dog door most of the time, but has been left indoors for up to 8 hours at a time.

-He does not want to share the bed, just lay next to it at night.

-He is crate trained, as I usually feed in crates, and he was crated at shows.

-He walks well on leash. Due to his size and power, I usually use a prong collar if I need really good control of him. Walking around the neighborhood, I just use a metal choke chain.

-Sasi is very trainable, if someone took the time. He wants to please, is food motivated, and knows basic obedience commands. I just don't put a high priority on training my dogs, a fault in me, not them.

-I can't say enough good things about this boy's temperament and personality. He is simply a joy to be around. He's passed on that same personality to his kids.

-Sasi was raised with a young boy, and is good with kids - except when he is too enthusiastic (see below). He hasn't been around smaller dogs much, but was never a problem at a show when we walked around.

Sasi's negative points:

-As stated, he CANNOT coexist with another male dog. Even if the other male wants to be friends, even if another male is submissive, Sasi will push and push until he starts a fight. And he doesn't accept winning gracefully. If he is on one side of a door, with another male on the other side, he will growl, scratch the door, even chew the door casing. He can be around non-resident males during walks or events, if he is on a leash, and he will behave. He just can't share his living space.

-He is over enthusiatic when he meets new people. This is my fault, I have simply never trained him to be well mannered. Off leash, he runs to greet new people, pushing and shoving. If someone is sitting on a couch, he starts by jumping on them. Within a few minutes, he's upside down for a belly rub, but those first few minutes are chaotic. If he is meeting children, he is always on a leash until he settles down. Again, someone willing to put the time into training will be able to correct this.

-He loves to push people around with his head, a sign of affection that has a whole new dimension when the head is attched to a body that weighs 100 pounds. He stops when told to.

-He has gotten out of my yard, when I'd be gone all day and he gets bored. He can easily go over a four foot fence, but has never gone over my six foot fence. He's gone through it, chewing up 20 year old wood boards (now reinforced with metal). He has never tried to leave when someone is here, it's only when he gets lonely for an extended period. He is not suitable for a home where the owner works a full day, and no one else is around.

If you think you and Sasi might be a good match, please contact Jeanne at, or at 661-618-8798. I am not selling Sasi, but expenses for placement and neutering would be required. The most important thing to me is to find the right home for this fantastic boy.


Why rehome a Briard?

As a breeder, I keep multiple dogs, and they have to share my home in some semblance of peace. I don't use kennels, all my dogs are house dogs. Occasionally, a Briard no longer fits into my house in the best way for them, me and the other dogs. Rather than lessen their quality of life, I find a new home where they will be a welcome addition!