Last year we had a lovely tawny litter from Pilot and Marsanne. So lovely we decided to do it again! It was a very fun litter to raise. Daddy Marsanne and Pilot both love herding and learning, and are both cuddlers. :Litter due June 19th, 2024.

Funny story - we were sure Soleil's 39 year old frozen semen litter would be very small. That was a big factor in doing another litter so close. The joke is on us, both litters showed 8 puppies at ultrasound! Oops! It will be a busy summer.


Lebec's Piloting Through The Pandemic de l'Hermitage HTD I(s), STD(s)

OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows Normal
Bred by Jeanne Lorang and Vickie Alpaugh
Owned by Jeanne Lorang and Claude Marie Cooper



Pilot is the girl I'm really glad I kept! She's lovely, with a wonderful personality. She loves affection, but is not clingy. Her coat, head, movement and structure all combine for a great picture, standing still or in movement. Pilot has been shown occasionally, and needs one major to finish her Championship. Majors are hard to come by in this part of the country. And conformation is less important to us now than herding. She has shown great enthusiasm in that area, earning her first two herding titles. She and Jeanne are still out practicing with the goats and sheep several times a week, although she'll have to take a break soon as she gets closer to delivery.


Grand Ch. Marsanne de l'Hermitage a Lebec PT HSAds (AKC) JHD-S HTAD-1 ge,s (AHBA) STDd (ASCA)

OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows Normal
CSNB clear
Owned by Claude Marie Cooper, Steve Cooper, & Jeanne Lorang
Bred by Jeanne Lorang & Claude Marie Cooper


Marsanne is a boy with substance, reflecting his European heritage. His coat is amazing, his head and structure are all that we wished for. Like his mother, he's a cuddler. He's biddable, wants to please, and does very well in herding (the geese might disagree, but the sheep show great respect). He loves his girlfriends, but is not so fond of his housemate Hermes, another boy. This is a boy strangers stop and stare at! And he loves any and all attention.


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How we raise our puppies

The quality of a puppy is determined by both genetics and environment. How they are raised before you ever meet them is a major influence! Lebec and l'Hermitage believe in several things:

1) Mom knows best. We don't try to override or interfere with a bitch raising her pups. We add the human element, but Mom is in charge. Unless health issues interfere, she has complete access to her pups from day 1 to the day they leave. At 3 weeks, we start adding our food to the puppies diet, but Mom is always allowed to feed as long as she wants. And she is in charge of discipline!





2) Socialization begins at birth. We handle all the pups daily. Once eyes are open, we try to introduce new items and experiences regularly. In raising pups, doing things "later" is too late. "Now" is always the right time. We try to encourage visitors as early as possible, with Mom's approval, of course.


3) At 3 1/2 weeks, pups are moved into the puppy pen in the living room, with all the activity of living. Pups get turned loose several times a day to explore and broaden their world. The outside is added at about 4 weeks. The puppy pen has play and poop areas, to begin housebreaking. The play area is continually enhanced with toys, obstacles, and an environment to stimulate the puppies. Mom can hop in and out. The older dogs get to visit through the pen bars, and gradually get to meet pups in person.



4) Starting at week five, we are always looking for new experiences and new places. We try for different surfaces, different ages of people, even different temperatures, at each new place.




5) We continually encourage visitors, be it the kids from around the neighborhood, prospective buyers, friends - anyone we can get! The more people the puppies meet, the better.




6) Starting at 7 weeks, pups are fed in crates to prepare them for new homes. They spend several nights in their crates before leaving, giving puppy buyers a head start on house training.


7) Puppy buyers are provided with a long document giving our take on raising Briards, a puppy crate, collar and leash, a scented toy, and ready access to us for help and advice at any time. Pups are microchipped and receive their first vaccination before leaving.

Pups from Lebec and l'Hermitage are raised with love and experience - it's a winning combination.

- European titles are not reflected in this pedigree. There are MANY! European dogs often have Championship titles in multiple countries.

Pilot is holding this space for pics of her puppies when they arrive.

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